Bella is a beautiful,very active 3 year old who loves participating in gymnastics,dance and pre-school.

Right before Christmas she came down with strep-throat and was put on antibiotics. A week later, her strep came back and was put on a stronger antibiotic.
We thought this was no big deal as the doctor stated they were seeing the strep this year needing two rounds of treatment.

Christmas arrived, and little Bella was covered in bruises all over her body. At first we thought this might be a simple reaction to her medication. Then came the nose bleed that lasted two hours and brought a trip to the ER. They gave us a spray to stop the bleeding and sent us home. Four days later we got her in to her Doctor who decided to check her blood. We were told they would contact us in a few days with the results.

A few hours later, we received a call from the Doctor to take Bella to the hospital right away, she needed a transfusion. Her counts were dangerously low.

This was the start of Bella's journey. Within days she was in for a bone marrow test to find out what was going on in her little body. The wait on the results seemed like an eternity. We soon found out she had Severe Aplastic Anemia.

Bella's little life has changed so much so fast. Because of her extremely low white blood cells counts, she can no longer lead the active life she is used to. For her, even the slightest bug like the common cold could be life threatening. She is currently transfusion dependent needing up to two transfusions a week, and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Bella's situation has inspired her family and friends to educate the public about the need for more potential bone marrow donors to sign up with the national registry. One of our goals is to expand the national registry and potentially help Bella, and others like her that are suffering through the same struggle of trying
to find a suitable bone marrow donor for a loved one.

Bellas sister was not a match for her, so that leaves us depending on the national registry and those who get tested and join the registry.

We are also wanting to bring more awareness about Aplastic Anemia. This is such a rare disease affecting
only three in one million Americans each year.

We so graciously thank all the family ,friends and community members who have been so amazing with your support, kind words and care. So many of you are truly a blessing.

Bella's Grammy Karen
A Fight Against Aplastic Anemia
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If you missed The story of Bella on the news, click the video
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* Correction- the drive is from 10am to 4 pm
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